Brand Africa 100:  Africa’s Best Brands 2022

On 3 June 2022, Publics Africa will host Brand Africa in Kampala, Uganda for the global release of its 12th annual ranking of the best brands in Uganda and East Africa. 
Since 2011, Brand Africa has been surveying and ranking the most admired brands in Africa.  The rankings are based on a pan-African survey covering over 25 countries which collectively account for an estimated over 80% of Africa’s population and 80% of the continent’s GDP.
The research is conducted by GeoPoll, the world’s leading  mobile surveying platform, with strategic analysis, insights and ranking conducted by Kantar, the world’s leading data, insights and consulting company and Brand Leadership Group, Africa’s foremost branding, strategic communication and intellectual property advisory firm.  The results are published annually in a comprehensive cover story by African Business, the award-winning pan-African magazine for business decision makers since 1966.

Over the years, on average, only 20% of the brands Africans admire are made in Africa. Nike (#1 brand overall), MTN and Dangote (#1 African brands recalled spontaneously and prompted respectively), BBC (#1 media brand) and GT Bank (#1 financial services brand) have dominated the overall rankings.  Coca Cola, Mukwano, NBS, Centenary Bank and MTN led the recent rankings of the Best Brands in Uganda. Nike was ranked the #1 brand in East Africa.

Beyond the rankings across 10 sectors and categories, in 2021 Brand Africa introduced ‘the big question’ of the year that is relevant to building brands and businesses in Africa.  Recognizing the catalytic challenges it presented across the world and Africa, In 2021, ‘the big question’ was “which brand has been most helpful during Covid-19?” 

How have African brands and businesses reacted and repositioned themselves post the pandemic? Which brands have retained, improved or lost their status among African consumers?

In 2022, the ‘big question of the year” seeks to establish ‘which brand best embodies African values?’

Recognizing that brands drive the growth, reputation and competitive identity of nations, in 2010 Brand Africa ( was established as a brand-led non-profit intergenerational movement to inspire a brand-led African renaissance to transform the continent’s image, drive its competitiveness and inspire its growth.  The Brand Africa 100 |  Africa’s Best Brands, has been the flagship initiative of Brand Africa.  The rankings are announced on or around Africa Day, 25 May every year since 2011.

Uganda/ Africa has spoken! Who are the winners of Brand Africa 100 awards?

In 2022, Brand Africa launched, Brand Africa | Africa’s Best Places initiative to recognize and rank the best places for investment, tourism and citizen mobilization announced on or around World Tourism Day, 27 September. Brand Africa will close 2022 with the premier of the inaugural Africa CMO Forum in partnership with African Business (  Ultimately, the Brand Africa initiative is a private sector initiative to contribute to the African Union’s Agenda 2063 | The Africa We Want vision for “transforming Africa into the global powerhouse of the future.” For more information on Brand Africa please visit  

After a few years as a virtual events due to Covid, we are excited that the 12th Brand Africa 100 | Africa’s Best Brands | Anglophone Africa will be at a live event in Kampala, Uganda on 03 June 2022. 

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