Mastering Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing: Are you running social media or is social media running from you?

Recently on social media, a tweet was posted with an embedded link to a blog post that consisted of a rant by a customer concerning a negative hospital experience. It contained a detailed and creatively written description of what he had been through from the rude receptionist to the nurses asking for bribes and finally are commendation that was capable of throwing the hospital out of business. A few hours later, the post had attracted the attention of various followers and it had been shared, retweeted, and quoted.

Nonetheless, let us imagine for a second that the blog post was a positive review of how good the hospital and their services are with a conclusion that reads “This hospital has the patient at heart as their first priority and I would trust them with my life.” Such a statement has the ability to spark positive media frenzy depending on the internet following the individual and also builds the brand involved. This is one way of spreading a brand message and utilizing the resources that new media has availed. That’s why it’s called Influence.

Say bye to the old age kind of advertising and say hello to the new digital age. In the presence of the ever-changing media landscape and social media uptick, various brands in Uganda thrive on influencer marketing to ensure that their brands are well known and marketed. Millions of Ugandans wake up every day to update their statuses with what’s on their mind, tweet, and also post pictures of the ongoing activities in their lives. It’s no wonder that Uganda ranked seventh in the assessment of African countries that use the internet most.

With consumers increasingly spending more time watching YouTube videos and hearting Instagram images, brands several techniques to get involved in such conversations. It should be further noted that influencers shape messages in the shortest and easiest way that prompts their following (internet peers) to pay attention to the product in question.

Influencer marketing is defined as a process through which a company pays someone with a high profile and in this case a huge following aiming at endorsing their brand. This is because they command the respect and attention of their followers.

Why choose Influencer Marketing?

From product sampling to integrated campaigns driven both on and offline, influencers are usually at the forefront of elevating brands and reaching target customers in a ripple-like effect. Consumers are tired of being sold and marketed to. They prefer to ingest content on their own terms and conditions and that’s why opinions shared by everyday people on brand experiences impact the views of the reader. This makes influencer marketing an effective way to get customers’attention.

Consequently, tapping into the influencers’ audience builds the brand’s credibility and increases a company’s return on investment (ROI).

Through influencer partnerships, companies can harness the creativity of content creators as a source for industry innovation, social media relations, and maximizing campaigns. Working with an influencer can get the same reach at an affordable rate than that of a traditional advert.

PR’s top opportunity in Influencer marketing

The opportunity lies in the connection that an agency or company has with influencers. As it is with a mere conversation, people often believe what they hear from one another through testimonials, reviews, and recommendations. PR agencies do this by leveraging media relations with top influencers to promote clients with relevant stories, creative storylines, and innovative campaigns.

So take a deep dive in social media channels, search for relevant hashtags and check your customer’s need list to find yourself potential influencers who are already talking about your brand and are also engaged with their following. Such is influencer marketing; why not make the most of it? Try different influencers, different channels and you’ll surely find what works for your brand.

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