Patrick Bitature appointed new Board Chairman of Bolloré Transport and Logistics company

Patrick Bitature, newly appointed Board Chairman of Bolloré  Transport and Logistics company

Yesterday, 14th October 2021, One of Uganda’s most prominent businessmen, Patrick Bitature, was appointed Board Chairman of Bolloré Transport and Logistics company, a subsidiary of Bolloré  International which operates across 109 countries globally.

“It is with my country’s need in mind that I graciously accept this appointment.” Said Bitature in a tweet. He also added that this appointment has come at a time when Uganda needs a reliable partner as the quantity of our imports and exports continues to grow.

Bitature, a successful businessman, cites that our imports and exports are increasing as more and more people get interested and invested in our economy which as a result has led to an increase in the goods the country is producing and exporting.

Bitature gave a good example of Uganda’s coffee export which is currently at 7 million bags per year, a number that is also fast increasing.

Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) reported having exported its highest quantities in 30 years in the financial year 2020/2021, with the best month being August 2021, where 700,990 60-kilo bags worth US$ 75.09 million (Shs264.7bn) were exported to mainly Italy.

Patrick Bitature expressed his hope in Uganda’s imports and exports saying they “will also step up soon to include the long-awaited Oil and Gas infrastructure. This means creating more jobs for East Africans in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.” 

While announcing his acceptance of the offer, Patrick Bitature used an African proverb to articulate his promise saying “If you want to get a tough job done well and in time, give it to a busy but reliable person” adding that he is honored that Bolloré  Transport and Logistics company found him to be that reliable person.

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