PROFILE: Lawyer Edgar Tabaro appointed as Special Envoy of the President of Sudan

Ugandan Lawyer, Edgar Tabaro

Top Ugandan lawyer, Edgar Tabaro, has been appointed as a Special Envoy of the President of Sudan’s oldest political party.

Tabaro will serve as the Mahdi’s special envoy in the East African region. 

Tabaro observed: “The appointment gives immense opportunity to deepen and widen the debates commenced at University College of Dar es Salaam in the 1970s between Museveni, Prof. Shivji, Prof Kanywani, Walter Rodney, John Garang, Nathan Shamuyarira that focused on the interrelatedness of the Afrikan peoples.”

He added: “My emphasis will be on interdependence of the African peoples and pursuing Dr. Garang dream of an integrated Port Sudan to Matadi and Matadi to Dar es Salaam.”

Mubarak Abdullahi El-Fadil El-Mahdi is an economist and prominent Sudanese politician. He was appointed to several political and executive positions as part of the National Umma Party Sudan in the democratic Government of Sudan during the period 1986-1989.

Mubarak al-Fadel led a split within the National Umma Party, headed by his cousin, Sadiq al-Mahdi, the former prime minister, in 2001; he founded a party bearing the same name. He participated twice in the governments of the former regime.

Edgar, a lawyer with KTA Advocates in Kampala, specialises in Construction Law, Commercial and Corporate law, Intellectual Property and Insolvency.

Tabaro holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law, Makerere University, Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, LDC and LLM from the University of Witwatersrand South Africa.

He has had a distinguished career in academia as a Law School Dean, Senior Lecturer in Law with over 20 academic publications in peer reviewed journals.

Edgar has served on a number of boards including the Uganda Communications Commission, Uganda Broadcasting Corporation where he was its inaugural Managing Director and presently serves as Secretary Agribusiness Development Centre, a Rabo Bank Entity in Uganda and the Netherlands Uganda Trade and Investment Platform (NUTIP).

He has advised on various legislation on Intellectual Property in Uganda as the lead on behalf of Uganda Law Society and was retained by EU to advise the Nigerian and Ghana Government on Geographical Indications for Pepe Yam, Kola nut and Cocoa as well as Kente cloth respectively.

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