Remnants Honor Prophet Elvis Mbonye in massive online inaugural celebration

Since 2017, the friends and partners (remnants as they refer to themselves) of Prophet Elvis Mbonye the leader and founder of Zoe Fellowship ministries have made it a tradition to honor their man of God every 1st September. These celebrations have always been glamorous and have left many onlookers in awe wondering how the ‘remnants’ are able to pull off these luxurious events every year.

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown that led to the closure of places of worship in Uganda since 20th March 2020, this year’s honor ceremony was conducted in a massive online inaugural celebration as never seen before. The ceremony was aired live on the Facebook accounts of Prophet Elvis Mbonye and NTV Uganda, a station that airs his program called “The Power of Prophecy” every Sunday.

According to the remnants, the end purpose of honoring Prophet Mbonye is to fully manifest the glory, beauty, excellence, and virtue of the end-time church. They believe that as they honor him, they partake of his attributes and are thus transformed into him and his qualities like extravagant wealth, excellence, and his spirituality.

In the past 2 years, the honor ceremony brought about lots of controversy among both believers and non-believers because of the acts done by the remnants like bowing at the Prophet’s feet and kissing his shoes.

This year has seen the event take on even a higher level with different men of God like Pastor Simeon Kayiwa, Pastor Mugisha Mondo coming out and publicly declaring that they too honor Prophet Mbonye in videos that they recorded and published on their different social media accounts.

Prophet Elvis Mbonye preaching during the honor ceremony

Social icons like Sheila Gashumba and Karitas Karisimbi have also actively participated in spreading the word about this honor ceremony, something that is rather unusual and unexpected.

During the honor ceremony of Prophet Mbonye, heartwarming messages came in from Pastor Simeon Kayiwa, Micah Stamphley who perfomed at the very first honor ceremony in 2018 and politician Norbert Mao had a special message packaged for the man God as well.

In his sermon, Prophet Mbonye urged believers all over the world to continue lifting Jesus Christ higher than COVID-19. He also emphasized that believers should not succumb to embracing the ‘new normal’ as the rest of the world is doing because it is of the devil.

“True spirituality does not seek validation from science,” Prophet Mbonye said. “Science is not above God,” he further explained.

Zoe fellowship choir

Prophet Mbonye also revealed that starting next week Tuesday 8th September 2020, he will begin having online fellowship services live on his Facebook page as a way of not leaving a vacancy.

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