UBOS launch a five year plan to support PDM

The State Minister for Finance and Planning, Amos Lugoloobi.

The Uganda Bureau of statistics (UBOS) has launched structure committees mandated to collect field data regarding the statistics of the country.

UBOS earlier on formulated a 5 year Plan for National Statistical Development (PNSD) aimed at delivering all the required forms of data and statistics of the country to bolster proper development plans.

The State Minister for Finance and Planning Amos Lugoloobi noted that the plan is intended to assist the Government in collection of data for its projects such as the Parish Development Model (PDM) as well as facilitating the planning process and ensuring that projects benefit the targeted beneficiaries.

“The plan is intended to deliver all the required data about this country in terms of its resources, how the Government is performing, economic statistics, social related statistics, collecting statistics about the population among others,” Lugoloobi said.

The Minister also pointed out that the launched program will include structures like committees and technocrats who have a duty of guiding scientifically on which data to be collected and how it should be done.

“We have Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), Civil Society Organizations (CSOs ) and other Non-state actors who are going to be involved in the National statistical system for which this plan has been formulated to be able to collect real time statistics of this country. When we talk about artificial intelligence, we can no longer rely on data that comes after one year or 2 years but real time details,” the Minister noted.

Dr. Chris Mukiza the Executive Director of UBOS noted that the committees launched are also mandated with mapping districts countrywide in preparation for the census exercise next year.

Mukiza noted that they have managed so far to map five districts and by May next year, they will have finalized the mapping exercise of all the districts in the country.

“What is important is that every actor has to develop a strategic planning for statistics that are aligned to the National strategic plan. We have already 120 MDAs that have developed strategic plans and what is remaining is to ensure that we have the resources,” he said.

He also pointed out that they are in a process of strengthening the information dissemination department, working hand in hand with journalists.

“The PSNDIII is expected to cost the Government 833.4 billion shillings during its five year period of implementation. In this financial year ending next week, we had budgeted for 263 billion shillings, 19.77 billion was for coordinating purposes and 79 billion for statistical capacity,” Mukisa added.

In the next Financial year, he noted, the implementation will cost 300 billion shillings as it will also cater for the population and National Housing census, but the following Financial year of 2023/2024 it will drop to 101 billion shillings before is settles for 94.2 billion in the final year.

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