USE rules out rumors of data leakages

Uganda Securities Exchange has spoken out on the allegations of a data breach from its servers; specifically allegations of the leakage of personal data from the USE Easy Portal.

In a statement dated June15, 2022, USE says based on a comprehensive review of the security status of the Exchange’s servers and IT infrastructure, “the Exchange would like to confirm that no unauthorized access of its servers or other infrastructure has been detected as at the date of this statement.”

“The Exchange however wishes to disclose that the review established that a third-party partner’s logging server which receives specific information from the easy portal server was exposed to external access, thereby compromising the privacy of the data received by that particular external server. Access to this server has since been appropriately secured,” USE adds.

The statement further says that the Exchange has not had an opportunity to view the details of the alleged leaked data and therefore cannot confirm at this point in time, the type or amount of data that has been accessed.

“We are however working closely with our technology partners and third-party service providers to conduct a thorough review of the incident in order to establish these details and shall advise the public of the same or any new relevant information that may be established from the on-going investigation.

In the meantime, the Exchange wishes to emphasize that additional security protocols in relation to easy portal account user access have been implemented and assure investors and the general public of the safety of all holdings and the integrity of market transactions which have not been affected by this incident,” the statement further reads.

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