War against corruption: Vice President Alupo calls for exemplary leadership

Corruption is partly an attitude issue and is seen in our behavior,” said Alupo.

Vice President Jessica Alupo has said corruption is partly seen in leaders’ behaviors and called for exemplary leadership to fight the vice.  

“You are holding these public offices in trust of the citizens. We need to be exemplary as Leaders in fighting corruption, starting with ourselves. Corruption is partly an attitude issue and is seen in our behavior,” said Alupo.

She said this while meeting Inspectorate of Government officials and elected leaders on July 29th 2021. Alupo added: “If for example you arrive late in office and leave early and yet be paid for a full day, you are corrupt for getting what you did not earn. So there is no small corruption. Corruption is corruption in all its shades.”

The Vice President noted that the Government of Uganda has focused on the fight against corruption because it completely deters development and derails service delivery.

“The fight against corruption is one of the key areas that the Government will focus on and we will deal with all errant leaders and public officers who have continued to misuse government funds and failed to deliver services to the citizens.”

Alupo appealed to newly elected leaders to fully participate in the crusade against corruption. She urged them to always bear in mind that the people of Uganda voted for them to work on their needs and not personal individual gains.

The President of Uganda appointed the Leadership Code Tribunal in 2020 and in April 2021 assented to the amendments of the Act. Alupo said the aim is to ensure that the Act is more effective and that those who breach the provisions of the Act are punished.

Inspectorate of Government hailed for digitalization

She applauded the Inspectorate of Government for introducing the online declaration system which eases the responsibility of leaders to submit their declarations, and also reduces Government expenditure.

“I know there are many MDAs and Local Governments that are trying to have E-Systems in their work and I wish to commend this effort. I urge all those who have not embraced technology to do so as it eases the Government work and also reduces cost of doing business.”

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