WorldRemit issues reactive statement about Uganda

Left-Right: Faridah Nalubega, Manager Cards and Money Transfer, Ivan Kanyali, Country Manager at WorldRemit and Miranda Bageine Musoke, Head of Personal Banking at dfcu Bank during during a launch of partnership at Dfcu Bank HQ earlier this year.

Effective June 6, Ugandans will not be able to send money or top-up airtime for individuals in other jurisdictions. However, WorldRemit maintains that Ugandans will still be able to receive money from abroad via their phones.

WorldRemit, a cross-border digital payments service provider will shut down part of its money transfer business arm in Uganda.

The following is WorldRemit’s reactive statement to ongoing confusion in the media about the recent announcement to exit send operations in Uganda.

“As of 6th June 2022, WorldRemit will not be facilitating any new outbound / send transactions from Uganda. Customers receiving funds in Uganda are not affected by this decision and will be able to continue to receive funds via the WorldRemit service without disruption through our existing partner network.” A reactive statement from the firm says.

“It is our continued goal to ensure we are offering the greatest value for our customers around the world, and to do so, we occasionally have to make difficult decisions that impact a small number of customers. As part of our strategy, we have therefore decided to no longer support outbound money transfers from Uganda, as well as a handful of other countries across the world. Customers will however continue to be able to receive money through WorldRemit from abroad in these countries.” the statement continues.

Any transactions sent from Uganda before 6th June will be processed as normal, and users will continue to receive SMS and email updates. All users can continue to access past transactions and recipient information, by logging into their account on the WorldRemit website.

“WorldRemit is a leading global payments company and part of Zepz, a group powering two global payments brands. We disrupted an industry previously dominated by offline legacy players by taking international money transfers online – making them a safer, faster, and lower cost. We currently send from over 50 countries to recipients in 130+ countries and operate in more than 5,000 money transfer corridors worldwide.” WorldRemit reactive statement reads.

“We look forward to continuing on our path towards long-term growth ambitions and best serving our customers around the world.”


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